Sanjay Agrawal

Managing Partner

Mr. Agrawal has a rich professional experience of 32 years including 25+ years in Indian Cement Industry. He is a Technocrat who is widely acclaimed for his commercial acumen and innovative approach to work. He is known to challenge the status quo and believes in holistic manufacturing strategy.

Rahul Mohnot

Senior Partner

Mr. Mohnot has a professional experience of 37 years across Grey Cement, Chemicals, Metals, Mining & allied industries, Textiles and White Cement with value added products. He has expertise in implementing Greenfield projects, Brownfield projects, Loan Syndication and managing Public issues.

Bhushan Joshi

Senior Partner

Mr. Joshi has varied and rich experience of 32+ years in cement manufacturing, projects and technology in India's leading cement companies. He possesses rich experience and in-depth knowledge of plant operations and is known for effective trouble shooting and innovative solutions.

P.K. Jain

Senior Partner

Mr. Jain has a professional experience of 27 years, including 24 years in cement industry. He has contributed significantly in keeping cost of production at optimized levels. He has been instrumental in implementing innovative ideas and availing fiscal incentives, playing a key role in building and strenghtening relationship with regulators and Govt. officials.